Arbor is a collaborative practice exploring interdisciplinarity and how this can develop new modes of research. Intersecting a host of disciplines under the curatorial practice of Hilary Murray, Arbor brings together practitioners from the fields of Art, Science, Food, Architecture (and many more) to challenge and explore a given subject.

in nervous twos and threes

Installation Dates: June 20th-24th.

ArtBox, 3 James Joyce Street, Dublin 1

A culinary response by Arbor to the work and inspiration behind the paintings of Kevin Mooney. This site-specific installation will feature in the gallery during the final week of Kevin Mooney’s solo exhibition to coincide with National Refugee Week.

This responsive work explores the dialectics involved in the notion of homeland and the idea that food is integral to ones memory of place. Much like memory, this is not fixed,  but remains as an intangible essence of place delicately framed within a subjective reference.

“We sat tight
On short cross-benches, in nervous twos and threes,
Obedient, newly close, nobody speaking”

Seamus Heaney, Seeing Things


A series of workshops, archive and digital responses curated by Hilary Murray, exploring the history of Dublin 7 as a market town and projecting forward into #futurefood possibilities for the area. For this project Arbor is collaborating with the practice of Clare Anne O’Keefe, a food researcher and chef.

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The Subnatural and MONTO. ArtBox, October, 2016
Bridget O’Gorman, Clare Anne O’Keefe, Hilary Murray, Oonagh Young

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